Power Plant

Do You See A Solar Panel? We See Opportunity.

Changes in consumer demand and new opportunities in renewable energy production are leading energy companies to invest in alternative sources, modernize their infrastructure and seek new revenue streams. Radiant Control Systems enables clients to realize opportunities that result in a roadmap to operational excellence in energy creation and distribution. We do this by monitoring and controlling processes with much greater insight through the collection of vast amounts of data from generating stations & transmission or distribution grid systems; automating reporting on system performance, upgrading client pump, boiler & variable speed control devices; or providing signals, real-time alarms, and notifications on any platform to teams reliably.

Energy Services

Radiant Control Systems offers a variety of automation services within the energy industry:

  • New System Commissioning
  • Major System Upgrades
  • Control System Upgrades & Conversions
  • Opportunity & Project Management
  • Data Infrastructure & Management Systems
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