Aggregate Automation

Radiant Control Systems is an Industrial Electrical OEM Contractor here to serve you! We have history developing products and systems derived from production inefficiencies that are proven and presently working. We use relay-logic and interlocking procedures to ensure your have reliable control of your facility.

Radio Controls

Communications equipment that allows you to operate machinery from the inside of your front-end loader, tower or operations room.

Want to control a pump from miles away? Start, stop, control conveyor speed, travel, raise and lower stackers, and anything else you would like to control remotely in the hands of one man.

MinuteMan Monitoring

Monitoring systems by the use of CT’s and alert communications. Replace motors, belts and associated field equipment before it wears down and fails you while your running!

Minimize downtime of unexpected replacement of parts and equipment. Get on top of your systems operations and, avoid unexpected expenditures. Schedule shutdowns and replacements instead.

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